Society is providing a platform to train and disciple students for life and ministry. Fearless La is partnering with Southeastern University, creating a foundation for biblical understanding, and hands on training in the city of Los Angeles. 

At Fearless La, we believe in empowering individuals to reach their fullest potential through Christ, and Society is the best way to do that. Hands on ministry experience with Fearless BND, Fearless Creative, Fearless Apparel and many others enhance your development as a leader. 

"There is no fear in love; But perfect love casts out fear..."




Pastor Jeremy and Christy Johnson
Lead Pastors of Fearless La

Jeremy Johnson is the Lead Pastor of Fearless LA, along with his wife Christy and children, Lyric and Brave. Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, together and alongside their team, they have a call to serve their city and make an impact worldwide through the life-transforming message of Jesus' power and love. 

In 2006, the couple founded Ammunition Conference in Northern California, attended by thousands of young adults and senior leaders hungry for a move of God. It was out of this conference that Fearless LA was born.


Widely-known for his contagious passion, Jeremy travels internationally with a message on his heart to see revival transform culture. He has committed his life to seeing the dreamers rise and fulfill their God-given purpose. Experiencing freedom from fear in his personal life, he longs to see others live fearlessly through the perfect love of Christ.

Christy is a worship leader/songwriter for Fearless BND. She has a passion to see others live in total freedom, no longer bound to their past or pain. Her heart’s desire is to see others walk in the God-given destiny and purpose for their lives.


Church Leadership

(One Year Program)




The Church Leadership program is designed for you if you have a pastoral call on their life. Whether the call is for youth ministry, college, or lead pastors, this track is designed to help mold you into the person that God is calling you to be to serve Him in this capacity. Every semester you will have the choice between three practicums, Pastoral, Worship or Creative. These practicums would be working directly with our ministries at Fearless La. 


This program is designed to be one full academic year. Upon invitation, a second year is available, at a staff level position. New class enrollment opens at the beginning of each semester.


Fall Semester: August 21st - December 13th, 2019

Spring Semester: January 8th - May 9th, 2020

Summer Semester: April 29th - August 18th 2020


While attending Fearless Society, we will be partnering with Southeastern University, offering college degrees upon continuation after internship. We will provide the following degree programs:


Associate of Arts, General Education

Associate of Ministerial Leadership


Bachelor of Science Ministerial Leadership



Monday - Off 

Tuesday - (All Day) Ministry Practicum

Wednesday - (All Day) Classes / Services

Thursday - (All Day) Classes / Practicum

Friday -  Off (With exception of Fearless Event)

Saturday - Off  (With exception of Fearless Event)

Sunday - Fearless Services



For tuition information, please schedule an appointment with one of our team members.



Because Southeastern University is a regionally accredited institution, its partnership with Fearless Society enables enrolled students to pay for their college experience using federal financial aid (based on eligibility). More information available at:

212 Internship

(Three Month Program)


212 is the boiling point of water. At its highest point of pressure, it changes to a new substance, completely changing from old to new. The 212 Internship program is designed to do the same thing to your life. In a three month time period, completely changing a person inside out. Learning about biblical foundational principals, focussing on the internal growth of person, paired with hands on ministry experience at Fearless La.



Monday - Off 

Tuesday - (9:00am - 5:00pm) Ministry Practicum

Wednesday - (9:00am - 9:00pm) Classes / Services

Thursday - (9:00am - 5:00pm) Classes / Practicum

Friday -  Off (With exception of Fearless Event)

Saturday - Off  (With exception of Fearless Event)

Sunday - Fearless Services



Tuition is $1,500

Payment Options

1) One time payment of tuition