How long is this program? 
Society has two possible tracks. The 212 track, is three months, with a continuously cycling schedule. The Church Leadership track is one year long, with open enrollment in the Fall or Spring semester. 


How long do I have to wait to get a response once I have submitted my application?
Upon receiving your application, your application will be reviewed by Society staff. You can expect a response within 7-10 business days.

Does the college offer financial aid or student loans?
Society's partnership with Southeastern University enables enrolled students to pay for their college experience using federal financial aid. To be eligible, the student must file an Application for Federal Student Aid, also known as a FAFSA and maintain 12 credit hours each semester. In doing so, the student may apply for federal aid in the form of a Pell Grant, federal Stafford (student) loan or federal parent loan. 
*SEU’s school code is available upon request

What are the hours like at college? Is there a day off?
Society runs Tuesday through Thursday In addition, students are also required to serve at Sunday church services and scheduled Fearless events as a part of their practicum.

Can you come as a married couple?
Yes, we allow married students as long as their spouse is in full agreement of the decision.

Is there an age Limit?
Society is currently open to students of all ages with high school diploma or GED equivalent.

Will I need a car?    
Having a car is not mandatory.

Should I bring a laptop or desktop computer?
Yes, a laptop or desktop computer will be crucial to your experience as a student.